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The program is designed for children ages 4 to 8. Young karatekas learn to assert themselves and develop confidence in a context of respect and discipline. Emphasis is placed on fundamental martial arts training skills: stances, blocks, dodges, feints, kicks and punches, combinations, sequences as well as kata and scarf fighting.

-The classes are focused on the following sports and technical points:

development of physical fitness (according to age and ability) :

great stamina - balance - endurance

speed - flexibility - rhythm

timing - good form - correct distance

posture - breathing - coordination


-Personal character development:


self-confidence - respect - self-control

self-discipline - sporting attitude - perseverance

concentration - humility

- Kata

Depending on the degree of difficulty of the kata, the karateka performs techniques that simulate a fight set up in a specific pattern against several opponents. Of course, they are imaginary, but each technique must be performed with the mindset of a real fight.

- Scarf fight

The development of motor skills is encouraged by the use of all muscle groups (contractions / extensions).

We encourage the development of perceptive capacities and movements; speed of reaction / anticipation of the movements and the strength of the partner.

We promote the control of our aggressiveness: by controlling our emotions, our affective, our aggressiveness. As well as by becoming aware of one's body, one's strength and by developing one's personality.

Social development is encouraged: by establishing and respecting the rules of the Dojo, by changing roles (attacker/defender/referee/observer) and by managing the group or the team


It also focuses on developing an understanding of the proper use of acquired skills, while mastering self-confidence. The child also learns to recognize the real accomplishments he or she has achieved and those to come.


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