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              Shitō kai KARATE


The program is designed for adults who wish to learn Shito-Kai style Karate with Sensei Ionel Munoz black belt 3rd Dan. At a rate of one class per week every Wednesday from 20:45 to 22:00.

Adults who follow the Shito-Kai program will follow the Shito-Kai curriculum and will be able to benefit from many aspects:


- Progressive fitness

Classes focus on developing coordination, strength, balance, endurance, speed and flexibility.

  • Strength in the shoulders

  • Strength in the abdomen and lower back

  • A good natural evaluation of the distances

  • Speed in TSUKI, UCHI, and GERI

  • Knowledge of the strength to use to beat the opponent

  • Knowledge of the right moment to act

  • The knowledge of the necessary distribution of the force

  • A harder and harder fist

  • A habit of reaction to your shoulders, wrists, elbows, abdominal muscles and hips

  • An ease of breathing

- Physiquement, l’entraînement contribue à

  • soften

  • strengthen

  • contract

  • coordinate

  • breathe

  • relax


- Mental, spiritual and balance

Healthy mind in a healthy body: they come to relax and develop their skills. Improving and maintaining balance on breathing, concentration, emotions and more are integrated into the classes in a subtle and enjoyable way.

-Psychologically, training develops


  • patience

  • willpower

  • control

  • perseverance

  • concentration

  • self-confidence

- Kata

Depending on the degree of difficulty of the kata, the karateka performs techniques that simulate a fight set up in a specific pattern against several opponents. Of course, they are imaginary, but each technique must be performed with the mindset of a real fight.


- Kumite Combat

This is where we try to place the techniques we learned and prepared earlier. We try to develop a tactic of attack and defense that we perfect. The blows are pressed, but not carried with all our strength, depending on the target area. The goal is to work on precision and efficiency, not brute force. The contact to the face must be controlled (Skin touch) preferably at 5 cm. Strikes below the belt are not allowed. A mouth guard, gloves (WKF approved), shin and foot protectors, and for men a cup and for girls breast protectors, are required. All Karate techniques, according to WKF rules, are allowed; provided they are controlled: atemis, blocks, kicks, punches, sweeps, feints, etc.

- Self-defense

People learn several defense techniques for various situations they might face. They learn to recognize and react to different levels of aggression, both mild and severe. Self-control and safety are always a priority in our classes.



Laughter and seriousness are often mixed in order to assimilate the characteristics of the courses. Self-control is often emphasized as a major key to overall balance.

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