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The program is designed for Cadets and Juniors from 8 to 21 years old. Young karatekas learn to assert themselves and develop their confidence in a context of respect and discipline. Emphasis is placed on fundamental martial arts training skills: stances, blocks, dodges, feints, sweeps, kicks and punches, combinations, sequences, grappling as well as Kumite Kata (sparring) and self-defense.

-The classes focus on the following sports and technical points:


The development of physical fitness according to age and ability :

great strength - balance - endurance

speed - flexibility - rhythm

 timing - good form - correct distance

 posture - breathing - coordination


-Development of personal character:


self-confidence - respect - self-control,

self-discipline - sporting attitude - perseverance

concentration - humility


- Kata


Depending on the degree of difficulty of the kata, the karateka performs techniques that simulate a fight set up in a specific pattern against several opponents. Of course, they are imaginary, but each technique must be performed with the mindset of a real fight.

- Kumite Combat


It is on this occasion that we try to place the techniques learned and prepared earlier. We try to develop a tactic of attack and defense that we perfect on this occasion. The blows are pressed, but not delivered with all our strength, depending on the target area. The goal is to work on precision and efficiency, not brute force. No contact to the face with the fists (10 cm). No hitting below the belt. A mouth guard, gloves (WKF approved), shin and foot protectors, and for men a cup and for girls breast protectors, are required. The permitted techniques are regulated by the World Karate Federation, Karate Canada and Karate Quebec.

It also focuses on developing an understanding of the proper use of acquired skills while mastering self-confidence. The child also learns to recognize the real accomplishments he or she has achieved and those to come.

For various situations that he could face at his age, he learns several self-defense techniques, as well as how to recognize, and react to, different levels of aggression (both mild and severe).


Self-control and safety is always the priority in our classes.


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